This post is a short guide on how to organize events in Bristol. The city of Bristol has easily become one of the top destinations for international events and conferences. This comes as no surprise since Bristol is the most populous city in Southern England with a famous flair for music, art, and outdoor fun. If you are an event organiser who’s planning to organize events in Bristol, you should learn about some event technologies that you can use: the event app and the event management software. These solutions will help put your mind to rest and impress all your attendees who are coming to this city.

The Event Management Software

This type of software would allow you to manage the different stages of the event life cycle. It usually comes as a cloud-based online platform that you can simply access through a browser. Through an event management software, you will be able to easily take charge of different processes such as online event registration, ticketing, event website creation, attendee networking, surveys, etc. Look for an all-in-one event management software that uses a single Content Management System (CMS) so that you won’t have to export and import data for the different products you will be using.

The Event App

On the other hand, the event app is practically a mobile application that your attendees can use for your event in Bristol. They just have to download it from the Play Store or App Store, depending on their OS, and voila – they have access to important event information and all the app’s features. The app can be used to favourite speakers, takedown notes, see event information, and even message other attendees. It would be ideal to look for an event app that integrates data with an event management software. This way, any changes you make on your event website will be automatically reflected on the app. Other important feature of an event app is the check-in process, so if you want to automate this part to need an event check in app.

Where to hold events in Bristol?

Bristol is no stranger to big events and conventions. It is most popular for the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta which draws thousands of tourists every year. If you’re specifically looking in to convention centers, your best options are the UWE Bristol Exhibition and Conference Centre, Armada House, and some major hotels.

Some Things to Remember about Bristol

If you are gathering an international audience, there are two airports in the city namely Bristol Airport (BRS) and Filton Airport (FZO). Bristol also has several tourist attractions to make sure that your attendees can plan up their itinerary for leisure time. There’s the Harbour side, the Old City, the Bristol Zoo Gardens, and the At-Bristol Science Centre among many others. You can easily place the location in Google Maps in your event website if you are using an event management software. If you are also organising a trade exhibition, you wouldn’t have to worry about attendees getting lost in a big event area since you can put a floor map in the event app.

Those are only some of the things that you can expect if you are eyeing Bristol as the next location for your event. If you are currently residing in Bristol, you probably already know what the city has to offer. Just remember, event technology is your best friend when planning events. There’s absolutely no reason for you not to use tools that are within your reach, especially that the event management software and the event app are becoming more affordable.